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High Speed Inline Capper

The PSR Automation Inc. TO3000 is the easiest to use torquing and capping system available on the market. All adjustments can be performed with little or no change parts. The system is designed for quick changeovers (under 15 minutes) and can adjust to most bottle sizes and shapes in the 2oz - 2.5 gallon range. The machine's solid construction and superior design make it a favorite among contract packagers.


Key Features:

Ease of Use:

The TO3000 is designed for maximum user convenience. Adjustments can be performed quickly with minimal change parts, making it highly user-friendly.


Quick Changeovers:

The system is engineered for rapid changeovers, typically under 15 minutes, allowing for efficient production shifts between different bottle sizes and shapes.


Versatile Adjustment:

Capable of accommodating bottle sizes and shapes ranging from 2 ounces to 2.5 gallons, the TO3000 offers exceptional flexibility.


Robust Construction:

Built with solid construction and superior design, the TO3000 is durable and reliable, making it a preferred choice for contract packagers.



Pharmaceuticals: Reliable torquing and capping of liquid medication bottles.

Cosmetics: Efficient handling of various cosmetic containers.

Food and Beverage: Secure capping of sauces, oils, and other liquid food products.

Chemicals: Safe and secure capping of various chemical containers.