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Product Videos

12 inch Cap Sorter

The PSR Automation Inc. SO120 Sorter is a compact and versatile sorting system designed for high-speed sorting of caps, particularly smaller diameter caps. It offers flexibility to handle larger caps at reduced speeds as well. The sorter can be integrated into PSR capping machines or mounted onto a separate stand for standalone operation.


Key Features:

Compact Design: Smaller version of the SO1000 sorter, designed for efficient use of space. Sorting Disk is only 12" in diameter

High-Speed Sorting: Capable of sorting smaller diameter caps at high speeds, enhancing production efficiency.

Flexibility: Can also sort larger caps at reduced speeds to accommodate varying production needs.

Integration Options: Can be seamlessly integrated into PSR capping machines for streamlined operation.

Stand-Alone Capability: Alternatively, it can be mounted onto a separate stand for independent operation if desired.



Versatility: Handles both small and larger caps, offering operational flexibility.

Efficiency: Enhances sorting efficiency with high-speed capabilities.

Integration: Easily integrates with PSR capping machines or operates independently as needed.

Space Optimization: Compact design ensures efficient use of floor space.