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High Speed Cap Sorter

The PSR Automation Inc. SO1000 Sorter is a versatile sorting system designed for efficient handling of caps with quick changeover capabilities. It offers options for sorting both "flat caps" and "tall caps", and can be integrated into PSR capping machines or mounted onto a separate stand for standalone operation.


Key Features:

Tool-Free Changeover: Allows for quick changeovers without the need for tools, enhancing operational efficiency.

Quick Changeover: Changeover process can be completed in just 15 minutes, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Cap Versions: Available in both "flat cap" and "tall cap" versions to accommodate different cap types and sizes.

Integration Options: Can be seamlessly integrated into PSR capping machines for a compact production setup.

Stand-Alone Capability: Alternatively, can be mounted onto a separate stand for flexible deployment options.



Efficiency: Enhances sorting efficiency with quick changeover capabilities and versatile cap handling.

Flexibility: Supports different cap types and sizes, offering operational adaptability.

Ease of Use: Simplifies operation with tool-free changeovers and user-friendly setup.

Space Optimization: Option to integrate into existing PSR capping machines or operate as a standalone unit for optimized floor space utilization.



Type: Flat and Tall Cap Sorter

Diameter: 32"

Usable Cap Range: 15mm to 80mm dia.

Performance: Up to 200 CPM max