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Pump/Trigger Inserter

PI5000/TI5000 Pump/Trigger Inserter by PSR Automation Inc.


Introducing the PI5000/TI5000 Pump/Trigger Inserter by PSR Automation Inc., a cutting-edge solution designed to simplify the process of inserting and partially tightening pumps and triggers onto bottles. This advanced machine reduces manual labor, enhances efficiency, and ensures a consistent and reliable operation, making it an essential addition to any production line.


Key Features:

Hand Loaded Cap Belt:

The PI5000/TI5000 features a user-friendly design where the operator manually loads pumps or triggers into designated pockets on the cap belt. Once loaded, a foot-pedal switch indexes the pockets to the chuck assembly for precise placement onto the containers.


6-Chuck Model:

Equipped with six chucks, this inserter straightens, inserts, and partially tightens pumps or triggers onto bottles. For complete tightening, the bottles are then transferred to a torquing machine, eliminating the need for manual tightening and preventing user strain.


Quick Changeover System:

Designed for efficiency, the PI5000/TI5000 offers a quick changeover system that allows for setup adjustments in just 15 minutes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Robust Construction:

Built with a solid 3/16” rolled stainless steel base, the machine ensures durability and stability, capable of withstanding the rigors of high-volume production environments.


Servo Controlled:

Primarily servo-controlled, the PI5000/TI5000 provides precise and consistent operation, ensuring high-quality performance with every use.


Integrated Sensors:

Includes Bottle Infeed and Bottle Outfeed Photoeyes for seamless bottle detection and processing, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.


Foot Pedal Start: The intuitive foot pedal start mechanism allows for easy and controlled operation by the user.


Stainless Steel Conveyor: The machine comes with an 8 ft stainless steel conveyor, featuring a 5.5" wide channel and 4.5" wide plastic chain, complete with adjustable guide-rails to accommodate various bottle sizes.


Comprehensive Package:

The PI5000/TI5000 includes 1 Cap Belt, 1 Bottle Belt, and 6 Chucks, providing a complete solution ready for immediate integration into your production line.


Moderate Throughput:

Capable of achieving an estimated maximum speed of 35 bottles per minute (BPM), the Inserter is also availble in a "back-to-back" design to reach 70 BPM with 2 users.


Why Choose the PI5000/TI5000 Pump/Trigger Inserter by PSR Automation Inc.?

By choosing the PI5000/TI5000, you are investing in a reliable and efficient solution that significantly reduces manual labor, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures consistent, high-quality results. At PSR Automation Inc., we are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable automation solutions that drive your success.