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Torquing Machine

The PSR Automation Inc. TO1000 Torquer is a compact and portable version of the PSR Automation Inc torquing system. This system is well suited for moderately sized runs, as a re-torquer, or whenever an economical torquing solution is needed. Quick change features give the TO1000 the ability to easily handle a wide variety of bottle and cap sizes.


Key Features:

Compact and Portable Design: The TO1000 is designed for portability, making it an ideal solution for moderate-sized production runs or as a re-torquer.

Quick Change Features: The system allows for quick and easy adjustments, enabling it to handle a wide variety of bottle and cap sizes without extensive downtime.

Economical Solution: The TO1000 provides an economical torquing solution without compromising on quality or performance.



Type: Inline Capper 4-disks (2 pairs)

Bottle Range: 2oz to 1 gal

Cap Range: 15mm to 80mm

Capping Rate: Up to 80 CPM



Pharmaceuticals: Efficient torquing for a variety of medication bottles.

Cosmetics: Suitable for torquing different cosmetic containers.

Food and Beverage: Ideal for capping sauces, oils, and other liquid food products.

Chemicals: Effective torquing for various chemical containers.