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Chuck Capper

The PSR Automation Inc. CC1000 Chuck Capper is a highly adaptable capping machine designed to meet diverse capping requirements with ease. It incorporates advanced features such as memory recall, servo-controlled vertical movements, on-screen adjustable torque, and thread pitch matching, making it exceptionally user-friendly and versatile.


Key Features:


Adjusts to fit a wide range of capping requirements, accommodating various cap sizes and types.


Memory Recall:

Stores and recalls capping settings, facilitating quick and seamless changeovers between different products or containers.


Servo-Controlled Vertical Movements:

Ensures precise and consistent capping, optimizing production quality and efficiency.


On-Screen Adjustable Torque:

Allows operators to adjust capping torque settings directly on the machine's interface, providing flexibility for different packaging needs.


Thread Pitch Matching:

Matches thread pitches accurately, ensuring secure and reliable cap closure.



Ease of Use: Simplifies operation with intuitive controls and advanced features that enhance user experience.

Versatility: Handles a variety of cap sizes and types, suitable for diverse capping applications.

Precision: Delivers precise capping results, maintaining product integrity and quality.

Efficiency: Improves production efficiency with quick changeover capabilities and consistent performance.\



Bottle Range: 20oz to 2.5 gal

Cap Range: 15mm to 80mm

Capping Rate: Up to 30 CPM