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Cap Press Down

PD2000 Cap Press Down System by PSR Automation Inc.


Enhance your capping process with the PD2000 Cap Press Down System by PSR Automation Inc. Designed to accommodate larger containers and operate at higher speeds, the PD2000 offers robust performance and advanced features to meet the demands of high-volume production environments.


Key Features:

High-Speed Operation:

The PD2000 is engineered for high-speed capping, up to 80 CPM, making it ideal for production lines requiring fast and efficient processing of larger containers.


Larger Container Capability:

Built to handle larger containers, as well as small, the PD2000 provides versatility and reliability for a wide range of products and industries.


Automatic Cap Sorter:

Available with an optional automatic cap sorter, this system efficiently sorts caps for pressing onto containers, further streamlining the capping process and reducing manual intervention.


Efficient Capping Mechanism:

The PD2000 functions as a press down system, appling gradual pressure on the cap as the bottle progresses through the machine, ensuring precise and secure application of caps onto containers. This minimizes manual labor and enhances the consistency and quality of the capping process.


Robust Construction:

Featuring a solid 3/16” rolled stainless steel base, the PD2000 is built for durability and long-lasting performance in demanding production settings.


User-Friendly Design:

With an intuitive setup and operation, the PD2000 allows for easy integration into your existing production line, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


Customizable Options:

The PD2000 can be customized to meet specific production needs, offering flexibility and adaptability for various capping requirements.


Safety Features:

Equipped with safety mechanisms to ensure safe operation, protecting both the machine and the operator from potential hazards.



Ideal for a wide range of industries requiring efficient and reliable capping solutions, including:

Beverage production

Pharmaceutical packaging

Cosmetic manufacturing

Food processing


Why Choose the PD2000 Cap Press Down System by PSR Automation Inc.?

The PD2000 offers a powerful and efficient solution for your capping needs, capable of handling larger containers at higher speeds while ensuring consistent, high-quality results. At PSR Automation Inc., we are committed to providing innovative and reliable automation solutions that drive your production success. Choose the PD2000 to experience the benefits of advanced capping technology.