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Product Videos

Transfer Station

PSR Automation Inc. transfer stations are designed to efficiently move bottles or boxes across two separated conveyors, offering several advantages over traditional conveyor dead-plates:


Key Features:

Elimination of Dead-Plates: Removes the need for conveyor dead-plates, which can cause tipping or damage to bottles/boxes during transfer.

Secure Holding: Holds bottles/boxes securely during transfer, ensuring stable positioning for accurate coding.

Space for Coding Systems: Ample room under the transfer station allows for mounting of coding systems:

Under Container Coding: Enables coding systems to be mounted under the containers.

Side Coding: Allows for side-mounted coding systems as needed.



Damage Prevention: Prevents bottles/boxes from tipping or becoming damaged during the transfer process.

Accurate Coding: Ensures bottles/boxes are held securely for proper coding, whether for under container or side coding applications.

Flexibility: Facilitates smooth transfer across conveyors, enhancing workflow efficiency.


Optional Features:

Customization: Can be customized to accommodate specific bottle or box sizes.

Integration: Designed for easy integration with existing conveyor systems.

Versatility: Suitable for various industries requiring precise handling and coding of items.