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Product Videos

Cap Elevator

The PSR Automation Inc EL1000 Cap Elevator is designed for transporting caps to elevated sorting systems efficiently.


Key features:

  • Accumulation Bin: Large accumulation bin for loading caps, facilitating continuous operation.
  • Transport Mechanism: Caps are transported upwards by flights into the designated sorting area.
  • Variable Speed DC Motor: Equipped with a variable speed DC motor, allowing adjustable rates of up to 200 CPM (caps per minute) depending on cap size.
  • Casters: Casters for easy and flexible positioning of the elevator within the production facility.
  • Control Features: Includes DC motor controls and signal inputs for external control of the system, enabling integration into automated production lines.


  • Efficiency: Facilitates efficient transportation of caps to elevated sorting systems.
  • Adjustable Speed: Variable speed motor accommodates different cap sizes and production speeds.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and positioning with caster wheels.
  • Integration: Control features allow seamless integration into existing production setups.
  • Reliability: Designed for reliable performance in industrial environments.