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Product Videos

Turn Disk

The TD120 Turn Disks enable products to make 90-degree turns using straight conveyors instead of curved ones.


Key features and benefits:


Allows products to make 90-degree turns, ideal for product return systems or tight locations where curved conveyors may not be feasible.


Material Composition:

Contact parts are made from 304 Stainless Steel and Plastic, ensuring durability and hygiene. Drive components are made from Aluminum and Steel.


Adjustable Top Guides:

Features adjustable top guides to accommodate round bottles up to 5.5" in diameter. Special top guides can be made for bottles with unique dimensions.


Versatile Compatibility:

Works well with round, square, and rectangular bottles.



Easier to adjust for different bottle sizes compared to curved conveyors with solid rails.


Electrical Controls:

Includes variable speed electrical controls.