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Transfer Pump

TP-Series Transfer Pump by PSR Automation Inc.


The TP-Series Transfer Pump by PSR Automation Inc. is a highly efficient and portable solution designed for the seamless transfer of liquid products between mixing tanks, storage containers, and other vessels. Built around a robust positive displacement pump, the TP-Series ensures precision and reliability in liquid handling for various industrial applications.


Key Features:

Positive Displacement Pump:

The TP-Series utilizes a high-quality positive displacement pump, available in several configurations. The lobe pumps utilized are renowned for their reliability and efficiency, featuring designs that minimize slippage and provide smooth, pulse-free flow.


Versatile Pump Sizes:

The TP-Series is available in multiple pump sizes to meet specific volume and flow rate requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for diverse applications.


Standalone and Portable:

Designed as a standalone unit, the TP-Series features a compact and portable design, making it easy to move and integrate into various production settings. This mobility enhances operational flexibility and convenience.


Adjustable Controls:

The integrated control panel allows users to manage the pump's operation with ease, including adjusting the speed, turning the pump on and off, and monitoring performance. This ensures precise control over the transfer process and enhances efficiency.


Durable Construction:

Constructed with industrial-grade materials, the TP-Series is built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term durability and reliable performance even in demanding environments.


Hygienic Design:

The pump features sanitary design elements such as stainless steel construction, Clean-In-Place (CIP) capability, and optional aseptic models, making it suitable for industries with stringent hygiene requirements like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.



Ideal for a wide range of industries that require reliable and efficient liquid transfer, including:

Food and Beverage Production

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Cosmetic Formulation

Chemical Processing


Why Choose the TP-Series Transfer Pump by PSR Automation Inc.?

The TP-Series Transfer Pump offers a dependable and efficient solution for your liquid transfer needs, providing precision, portability, and ease of use. At PSR Automation Inc., we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable automation solutions that enhance your production capabilities and ensure high-quality results. Choose the TP-Series for a trusted partner in your liquid handling processes.