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Dual Lane Servo Filler

The PSR Automation Inc. F3000DL Dual Lane Servo Filler is an advanced filling solution designed to enhance efficiency by utilizing two filling lanes. This innovative design minimizes bottle transfer time in and out of the machine, significantly reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.


Key Features:


Dual Filling Lanes:

The F3000DL features two filling lanes, allowing the machine to fill bottles between the lanes simultaneously. This design minimizes waiting time for bottle entry and exit, optimizing the overall filling process.


High-Speed Filling:

With the dual lane configuration, the F3000DL can achieve higher filling speeds, making it ideal for high-volume production environments.

Precise Servo Control: Each filling head is individually controlled by a servo motor, ensuring precise and consistent filling volumes for a wide range of liquid products.

Versatile Product Handling: The F3000DL is capable of handling various types of liquids, including water-thin solutions, thick gels, and viscous products, making it suitable for diverse industries.


User-Friendly Interface:

The system includes an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation and settings adjustments. The memory save/recall function allows for quick setup changes, enhancing flexibility for different production runs.


Robust and Hygienic Construction:

Constructed with 304 stainless steel and aluminum, the F3000DL ensures durability and compliance with stringent sanitary standards. All product contact parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.



Pharmaceuticals: Efficient filling of liquid medications, syrups, and other pharmaceutical products.

Cosmetics: Accurate filling of lotions, gels, and other cosmetic products.

Food and Beverage: Reliable filling of sauces, oils, and other liquid food products.

Chemicals: Safe handling and filling of various chemical solutions.

By incorporating dual lane technology, the PSR Automation Inc. F3000DL Dual Lane Servo Filler significantly enhances production efficiency and reliability, making it a valuable addition to any high-demand production line.