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Piston Filler

P1000 Piston Filler by PSR Automation Inc.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and precision with the P1000 Piston Filler by PSR Automation Inc. Designed for optimal performance, this fully automatic piston filler is perfect for accurately filling bottles with liquid products, offering versatility and reliability for various production needs.


Key Features:

High-Precision Filling: The P1000 utilizes a standard piston capable of filling a 16oz bottle with exceptional accuracy. This ensures consistent product quantity in every bottle, minimizing waste and ensuring high-quality output.


Servo Vertical Control: Available with servo-driven vertical motion, the P1000 provides enhanced control over the filling process. This feature allows for precise adjustments, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.


Fully Automatic Operation: Designed for seamless integration into your production line, the P1000 operates fully automatically. This reduces manual intervention, increases throughput, and enhances overall efficiency.


Dual Nozzle Configuration: The P1000 can be configured with up to two filling nozzles/pistons, allowing for simultaneous filling of multiple bottles. This significantly boosts production capacity and reduces filling time.


Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the P1000 is designed to withstand the demands of continuous operation, ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance.


User-Friendly Design: Featuring an intuitive control panel, the P1000 allows operators to easily set and adjust filling parameters. This user-friendly interface ensures quick setup and hassle-free operation.



The P1000 Piston Filler is ideal for various industries requiring precise and efficient filling solutions, including:

Food and Beverage Production

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Cosmetic Formulation

Chemical Processing


Why Choose the P1000 Piston Filler by PSR Automation Inc.?

Investing in the P1000 Piston Filler means choosing a reliable and efficient solution for your filling needs. With its advanced features and robust design, the P1000 enhances your production capabilities, ensuring consistent quality and high productivity. At PSR Automation Inc., we are dedicated to providing innovative automation solutions that drive your success.