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Case Packer

Servo Case Packer


The CP1000 Servo Case Packer is a fully automatic system designed to handle a wide variety of containers with ease. It offers efficient changeover capabilities and precise control through servo technology, enhancing flexibility and productivity in packaging operations.


Key Features:

Wide Container Compatibility:

Operates on a variety of container types, supporting quick changeovers with dedicated change parts.


Servo Controlled Movements:

Primarily servo-controlled for precise and adaptable operation. Settings can be saved to memory for easy recall.


Dual Servo Pusher Arms:

Gently "sweeps" bottles into the desired configuration, ensuring careful handling during packaging.


Servo Vertical System:

Places containers into the box with precise vertical movements, optimizing packing efficiency.


Adjustable Settings:

Users can adjust servo speeds and distances to tailor the machine to specific application requirements.


Large Touchscreen Interface:

Features a user-friendly touchscreen for data entry, save/recall functions, and intuitive operation.


Special Features:

Quick Changeover:

Facilitates rapid changeover for most containers within 20 minutes using change parts.


Box Stabilization Device:

"Spreads" open and secures box flaps to ensure stable packing.


Box Exit Rotator:

Optional feature that rotates boxes upon exiting the machine for streamlined workflow.


Optional Servo Controlled Timingscrews:

Rotates bottles as needed to achieve correct orientation for packing.




Enhances operational efficiency with quick changeover capabilities and precise servo controls.


Gentle Handling:

Dual servo pusher arms and careful vertical placement ensure gentle handling of containers, reducing the risk of damage.



Adjustable settings and memory recall for different container types and configurations.



Large touchscreen interface simplifies operation and facilitates efficient setup and adjustment.