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Product Videos

Box Maker

The PSR Automation Inc. BMA1000 is a versatile box maker capable of operating on a wide range of box sizes and configurations. It leverages servo-controlled movements for precise and flexible operation in industrial packaging environments.


Key Features:

Servo Controlled Movements: Utilizes servo technology for precise handling and adaptable operation on various box types and sizes.

Quick Changeover: Operators can easily perform changeovers by installing new change parts. Setup configurations can be saved and recalled from memory, streamlining transition between different products.



Flexibility: Capable of handling diverse box sizes and configurations due to servo-controlled movements.

Efficiency: Enables quick changeovers, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

Precision: Ensures precise placement and handling of boxes, optimizing packaging quality.

User-Friendly: Simplifies operation with memory recall for setup configurations, enhancing ease of use for operators.