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Product Spot Light: F1000 Servo Filler

"A versatile filling machine for all liquids"

The PSR Automation Inc. F1000 Servo Filler features up to 2 Filling Nozzles. Easy to Setup. Handles Bottles from 2oz – 1 gallon range. Volume of product is metered by individual Servo controlled Lobe Pumps.
Primarily Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction.  All contact parts are 304 Stainless.  Pump heads are constructed from Stainless Steel.
Useable Products
Thin/Thick/Foamy Liquids, Gels, and Pastes. Optional upgrades to fill grease and heated products.
Product Metering Method
Servo Controlled Lobe Pumps
Change Over Time
15 Minutes complete changeover with "quick swap" system


F1000 video below




















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